Cloud IT for engineers

A lot of time goes into managing quotes, recording costs, monitoring project progress and keeping track of billable hours. Wouldn’t you prefer your software took care of all of this in one single place, and let you get back to the job? At Business Continuum, we’ll tailor the right software to suit your needs as an engineering firm.

Software we like

We implement tools that help you streamline your workflow, monitor your projects and costs and enjoy the efficiencies of cloud software for engineers.

"Using Business Continuum to get us setup turned the transition process from an overwhelming chore into an engaging learning exercise for the whole team.​ ​ As well as the expected streamlining of our business processes, which saves us about an hour a week, WorkflowMax has changed the dynamics of our team. Everyone now has the power to manage leads and jobs, with the Notes and Collaboration functions proving popular for keeping everybody abreast of where things are at. We’ve cut out a weekly team meeting that used to take up to two hours, because all the information is there for me to read in WorkflowMax.​"



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